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Biden Must Build On Trump

ByCharles E. Brown

Dec 3, 2020
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Of late, I have been finding that, in many cases, political opinion is based more on wishful thinking than actual facts. As a supporter of President Trump I have had to accept two realities :

  • Barring a political earthquake, the odds of Mr. Trump changing the results of this election are near zero.
  • On January 20th odds are quite strong that Mr. Biden will sworn in as president.

At one time those on both the Left and the Right were able to find some common ground. That no longer seems to be the case with the hatred bordering on a Civil War.

It is normal for a new president to alter what they didn’t like about the previous administration. But, for the good of the nation, the new administration must accept what was good about the outgoing administration and build on it. Certainly, Mr. Trump’s presidency has much to praise and build upon.

Previous to the COVID pandemic blacks, Hispanics, and minorities saw record low unemployment and the economy grew. But, it was in the area of foreign policy that Mr. Trump made some extraordinary advances.

Certainly, under both Defense Secretaries James Mattis and Mark Esper defense readiness levels have improved. However, given the tensions with Russia and China, as well as Middle East, Biden must continue with improving readiness. When Mr. Trump entered office our air squadrons were at 60% operational. Mr. Trump will be leaving office at 80% with increased spending on long-range aircraft, unmanned systems, hypersonic technology, satellites, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

Of course, all of this comes at a price with the present military budget at $740-billion. But, this spending does send a strong message to Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran. Mr. Biden must learn to lessen tensions while continuing to invest in new technologies and ideas.

Speaking of tensions, while Mr. Trump failed to denuclearize North Korea, he did show that dialog with dictatorships such as Kim Jong Um are possible and leads to a possible lessening of tensions. Certainly, before Mr. Trump, such meetings were unthinkable. Dialog is certainly better than no dialog and is far preferable to an exchange of nuclear weapons.

Many could argue that Mr. Trump was far too soft toward Vladimir Putin. But, one could also argue that there is no reason for heightened tensions with Russia. Many of those tensions go back to the Bush administration’s vow to expand NATO with memberships for Ukraine and Georgia. Neutrality for Eastern Europe in exchange for Russia agreeing to resolve its territorial disputes would go a long way to reducing tensions.

Of course, there is no question that Tehran is a major problem and Mr. Biden would be wise to build on Trump’s extremely strong position with them. The restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities should be extended indefinitely in exchange for lifting some of the strangling sanctions.

There is no question that Trump made some mistakes and the road for Mr. Biden is not all rosy. But, Mr. Trump has left some worthwhile building blocks for setting future policy. Further, Mr. Biden speaking some words of praise for those building blocks would go a long way to helping to heal the divides of this nation.

17 thoughts on “Biden Must Build On Trump”
  1. Indeed. The odds of Trump overturning the election results are near zero. But it’s important to look at the big picture. 2024 is four years away and Republicans must prepare a new candidate to defeat Biden, who is now obviously not as weak as he led us to believe.

  2. Thank you, I agree Charles next to no chance of a Trump win and of course I am sad
    about this as he was a good friend to my Country Great Britain and most of the population
    just could not grasp it and made him into a pantomime Villain. Meeting The President Of North Korea
    was a massive accomplishment totally disregarded of course. I wonder what his next move will be!

  3. Yes, I agree. Biden should be able to build on Trump’s many successful polices.

    My attitude towards a Biden presidency all depends upon whether he can do this or not.

    If I see an effort to tear everything apart I will be the first to criticize the president-elect.

    Also, let’s see the new president work on election security as a first priority. Do we want to feel that our vote doesn’t matter anymore? Election fraud will end up destroying our country no matter the party.

  4. Charles, I lonve your optimism, but I honestly believe that Biden and his gang will tear down everything that Pres. Trump built and we will return to “politics/business as usual”. The reason that left and right were able to find “common ground” in years past, is that republicans/conservatives gave in at every turn, and let the left drive the bus. Trump knew how to deal with the likes of Un, Putin, and other difficult leaders, and as you so correctly point out, there was no need to escalate issues with Putin. The real global problem is China, and we know how Biden deals with them- he takes money to give them what they want. This is catastrophic for our nation and I see us crashing and burning in the near future. Biden and the left do not know how to run a country and if Obama is behind him as advisor, we know we are in trouble. It is a damn shame.

  5. I have a question for everyone saying Biden should build on Trump’s policies. Was your opinion the same when Trump took over from Obama? Because if I remember correctly, Trump and his supporters took efforts to undo plenty of what Obama accomplished. When/if a Republican takes over from Biden in the future, will you have this same passion for not tearing down the previous administration?

    I for one hope Biden keeps anything that was successful, and removes anything that was not. I hope Biden reinstates a science-based pandemic response. I hope he repairs our relationship with allies, and reinforces our stance against enemies, trusting our own intelligence over brutal dictators who put out bounties on American soldiers. I hope we re-enter the Paris Agreement. I hope he reinstates proper environmental protections and food & safety standards. I hope he removes bigoted policies such as the transgender military ban. I hope he reinforces the ACA and protections for pre-existing conditions. I hope he helps protect Roe and Obergefell. I hope we go back to proper decorum, such as honoring the Emoluments Clause and the Hatch Act, and removing nepotism.

  6. I agree that the probability of Trump becoming President is near zero which is most likely for the best. After four years of blunders by Biden et al, voters may want change! Also, if Trump were to maintain the presidency, Civil War might erupt.

    Biden may be a liar and mentally incompetent, but I hope he is also smart enough to see advantages of the Trump accomplishments and build on instead of tear them down. From what I can gather from the unreliable press is that Biden is too centrist for the rabid left. BLM expects drastic changes which Biden may not allow. “We voted you in, now do what we say.”

    Voter fraud may take months to sort out and many of us will always believe that Biden stole the election. It is a difficult and confusing time and affects every one of us. I am grateful for the timeless beauty of music and virtual performances from so many fine artists!

  7. Trump has done the hard work . Biden will coast for a little while especially with the vaccines coming through – but then I think he’ll go down very quickly and the people of America will see what they have lost .
    Whatever people think or though of trump he did love his country and put her first … You won’t find another like him .

  8. Charles,

    Very little of what Trump has accomplished will remain if Biden does take office on January 20th. In excess of 98% of his legislating with his pen as Obama called it will be erased. We also will join the climate treaty with Europe. We have Biden’s word on that. I have been looking for him to award a cabinet job to a Republican friend of his so the press can praise him for being bi-partisan but it hasn’t happened yet.

    There are already calls to move the American embassy back to Tel Aviv. There’s also talk of going back to the five party talks on North Korea that failed for forty years. Look for Kim Jong Un to fire another missile at Hawaii in response.

    The people that Biden has already asked to be in his cabinet haven’t for the most part been progressives but for the most part a rogues gallery of card carrying members of the Swamp. Biden has already said that he will entertain proposals to dismantle parts of the wall with Mexico and several radical Hispanic groups have weighed in. It is going to be a very cold four years. If you pay attention to the news it will not be very good for your blood pressure!

  9. I think It’s a bit naive to think we all won’t be saying President Harris, by June. That’s been their plan, since she was tapped for VP. Even though those closest to Biden knew he wasn’t up to the job, but that he’d be more acceptable at the ballot box to voters than any of the others. Pelosi’s has even started the paperwork. Classic Trojan Horse scenario.

    My friends, the only ‘good’ I can see here is that a GOP candidate who faithfully supports the ‘Trump Doctrine’, but hasn’t our President’s numerous personality flaws will emerge. Hopefully, (s)he can articulate and unify us as the opposition, and – cheating aside – win in 24.

    Allen West? Dan Crenshaw? Nikki Haley? I don’t know…but (s)he needs to start campaigning, yesterday. – Geörge William Temes

  10. Can we please give him the respect he deserves and call him “President” Trump and not “Mr.” Trump? Otherwise, good perspective but I believe Biden will try to undo everything forward moving that President Trump accomplished.

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