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The Homo-Marxian in the 21st-Century

ByCharles E. Brown

Dec 28, 2020
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There is little that I find more humorous than telling a progressive that they are Marxist and hearing, often vehemently, the denials. Of course, the foundation of their denial is not based on fact but, instead, based on ignorance. If you ask them if they ever made a concerted study of the often dense writing of Karl Marx they will most likely say “NO!!”

The writings of Karl Marx are dense because of his need to twist and turn through painful peregrinations in order to justify his often absurdist theories. Yet, many of the demands of today’s Left can easily be traced back to Marx. So, in other words, today’s Left are actively championing an ideology they have never really studied.

Years ago the popular television show “StarTrek: The Next Generation” introduced a race of characters called “The Borg.” These were Pavlovian beings that were void of free will, ethics, and conscience who could be triggered into immediate action by some central mind or masters. After studying Marxism in detail I came to discover that The Borg were a perfect realization of the theories of Marx. This was Marx’s “workers utopia” where all people had to do was what they were told to do by a central force and the “state” would take care of all of their needs.

Amazingly, America’s foundation of free will and free speech have given these modern-day Marxists the freedom to spread their hate of America with few restrictions. The political theorist W. Cleon Skousen said it best in 1958:

“If a well meaning person invited a professional criminal into his home for dinner the shifty-eyed guest would be likely to survey the fine variety of choice foods, the expensive silverware and shiny goblets, and completely miss the warm sincerity and friendship which the host was trying to convey. In fact, the criminal mind would probably conclude that his host was not only soft hearted, but soft headed. Eventually, he would get around to deciding that such a weak man could not possibly deserve so many fine things. Then he would spend the rest of the evening figuring out how he could return in the darkness of the night and relieve his host of all his bounteous treasures.”

Dr. Skousen also coined the term “Homo-Marxian – the Marxist Man.”

While the Left claims that they do not hate America, they have shown a flagrant abuse of U.S. friendship and generosity.

But, going one step further: like Marx, one is often confused by the Left’s often irrational behavior. However, as Marx clearly implies, Homo-Marxian reduces his thinking to the lowest common denominator. of values. In most cases he denies himself of religious values and sees himself as nothing more than a biological entity that comes from a collection of cells and returns to a collection of cells. He believes that he has had no creator and is just the result of the accidental forces nature. Thus, this is why he has no problem with abortion.

Anyone who disagrees with Homo-Marxian is regarded as stupid or the enemy that must be silenced or eliminated if they refuse to assimilate. As Marx taught, the subordination of other men’s minds to the obscuring of truth is not deceit but a necessary governmental tool. To Marxist Man this is not evil, but a necessary means to achieve an end.

Yet, at the heart of the Leftist is POWER. This is caused because feeling that he is an accidental entity in a purposeless universe has left him insecure with that insecurity giving him an insatiable appetite to control all things. By “all things” I don’t mean just his fellow man, but conquering matter, climate, and anything that comes within his domain.

I fall upon the old adage of “Know Thy Enemy” and will focus my essays for the month of January on the study of Marx and Homo-Marxian. There will be much to discuss and understand. In many ways, the Homo-Marxian is a victim of an experiment that, in some ways, goes back nearly 4,000 years with Marx just being the latest and most prolific version. However, in order to break this cycle free men must learn what they are dealing with and understand the purposes of Homo-Marxian.

The easiest thing in the world is to write a blog about the day-to-day news stories. But, in my opinion, what is more important is understanding the fundamental dynamics behind those stories. Once you understand those dynamics, the day-to-day news stories are more easily understood and become almost predictable.

5 thoughts on “The Homo-Marxian in the 21st-Century”
  1. Charles,

    I well remember the sixties and seventies when people would freely admit to you that they were a Marxist, even try to convert you. In the eighties this disappeared and in the nineties I like a lot of others thought with the fall of the Berlin wall that Marxists had become extinct. We no longer had to be afraid of Marxists, they were shamed off the world’s stage. But we were wrong, they just went underground to regroup.

    Now they are free to come above ground. During the recent protests in Michigan’s capitol the TV cameras found a group that claimed they were for neither Trump nor Biden but they were proud Marxists. Maybe the Marxists were out on college campuses but this is the first I’ve seen them out themselves in my community. I will note that they were both smiling and armed. If they succeed in coopting the Democratic party, whether they are called Progressives or Marxists we need to be aware. We have two generations that have been raised without being educated on the evils of Marxism. If we fail to give them a post graduate education then it’s possible more of them will get elected and tip the balance of power in this country.

    1. Yes, a big problem is that the younger generations have not been taught the danger Marxism poses to individual freedom. They think it’s silly to believe some want to take their freedom. That lack of education about Marxism, I believe was intentional…

  2. I want to learn more on the topic of the goal of building a Marxian man, as well as the methods of developing a Marxian man- to warn others.

    Can you provide any sources that I might further my research on these topics?

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