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Who was Karl Marx?

ByCharles E. Brown

Dec 30, 2020
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From time to time, Fox News’ political opinion commentator, Tucker Carlson, engages in a rather amusing exercise. He selects a story, usually anti-Trump or anti-Republican, and shows how more liberal broadcast media outlets have reported it. In all cases each media source reports the story with nearly the exact same words, as if it was the same copy editor for all the networks.

In many ways, this is exactly what Karl Marx wanted. Marx wanted the proletariat to give up private property, reject the concept of family, eliminate the idea of nations and governments, destroy all religious beliefs, rewrite or eliminate history, and eliminate classes. In Marx’s mind there was only one God: himself. Later, his own narcissism will be translated into the God being an all-controlling central government. As I stated in my last essay, the proletariat is basically StarTreks characters called “The Borg.” But most importantly, the one “superior” central source controls all…even what media reports and how they report it.

In his day, Karl Marx was regarded as basically insane even by the emerging socialistic worker’s movements of the time. He was tossed out of Germany, France, and Belgium for his revolutionary activities and eventually landed in London. He had his family live in abject poverty in the poorest section of London where only 3 of his seven children made it to adulthood, and of the three, two eventually committed suicide.

Karl Marx had no real occupation and didn’t seem to care that his children were literally starving to death while he spent time doing useless research and volunteering for haphazard revolutionary plans that, in nearly all cases, rejected him and his ideas. He depended on the charity of others for income, especially his one and only friend Frederich Engels who, himself, got his support from family with no real occupational aspirations. In other words, Engels would get money from his family and then passed it along to Marx.

Marx’s family was dogged by creditors and, at one point, had all of their furniture repossessed resulting in the family sleeping on the cold floor. So, basically, Marx promoted his highly Leftist agenda for, one assumes, selfish reasons. Not because he had a love for his fellow man, but because he wanted others to support him and his family while he continued to live an irresponsible life. A motive not much different than why many today promote a Leftist agenda.

Karl Marx was a contentious, narcissistic, arrogant drunk who had a philosophy of “my way or the highway” and who tolerated no other opinions. But, carried over to today, he felt that any opinion that opposed his had to be suppressed and anyone who opposed him had to be destroyed: even up to the point of lying about them.

Whether they realize it or not, this is the person who the progressive Left gets its ideological foundations from. This is the creator of an ideology that, in the 20th century, resulted in the deaths of over 100-million people not to mention the imprisonment and torture of millions more coupled with the poverty and suffering of entire populations like Russia, China, Cuba, and, today, Venezuela. And this is what the progressive Left is asking us to accept in place of our present prosperity.

In the next essay, we will examine why the ridiculous theories of an insane individual are so readily accepted and promoted by so many. Further, we will see why, despite its history of failure and terror, so many want it today.

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  1. Just shared. I look forward to your next essay that will examine WHY so many people follow such lunatics… perhaps it’s because they want to blame others for their own shortcomings and take their stuff and feel justified in doing so 🤔

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