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Why Do So Many Buy Into the Ideology of Marx?

ByCharles E. Brown

Jan 1, 2021
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We have already established that Marx was an irresponsible madman. That leaves the question as to why so many buy into his insane and repudiated theories?

This is where we start getting into the meat of the writings of Marx and his friend Frederich Engels. In order to explain this I am going to need to summarize hundreds of pages of writing down to a few paragraphs. So, I will be leaving a lot of details out. Further, I am going to need to treat this subject over several essays. If you want to know all of the details I suggest weeding your way through his writings yourself.

Marx and Engels made two promises that appeal to the masses today: universal peace and universal prosperity. How were they going to accomplish this?

They saw the entire universe as nothing but “matter.” Whether you talk about a flower, or the workings of our solar system, it was caused by a chance interaction of matter. Of course, what Marx or Engels conveniently leave out is where this “matter” comes from and, secondly, how is it that it mixed into systems that work with great precision. Thus, Marx and Engel discounted the possibility of an intelligent creator and forms the basis of their hatred of religion (more on that in just a second). They advocated, like today’s progressives do, to follow science…THEIR SCIENCE.

What was to become man, in their eyes, was the lucky lottery ticket of accidental matter interactions and man’s intelligence was the even more lucky result. So, man is the ultimate God and capable of forming the world as he likes. But, there is a caveat: matter is in constant conflict and humans, being made of this matter, are in constant conflict.

Marx and Engel divided the entirety of the human race into two categories: Oppressors and Oppressed. They used different names but, ultimately, it all broke down to those two categories in constant conflict. Marx and Engels also felt that institutions such as the state, government, and even religion had one purpose: to protect the rights of the oppressors. The oppressors owned property and the means of production.

Well, to get to the heart of this, Marx and Engels had what, to them, was a simple solution to end all of that: “eliminate the whole concept of private property.” Bingo!!! Problem solved!!! Everyone owns everything.

Once private property was gone there would be no more oppressors or oppressed. Without oppressors the institutions to protect their rights would be no longer needed. So there goes religion, government, and the state.

Now, here is where today’s people are ignorantly picking up on Marx without realizing it:

Without government, state, or religion there would no longer be laws. Without laws, police are no longer needed. Without government or states, borders are no longer needed. Without religion, morality goes out the window. If someone needed something, they could just take it. Because there is no ownership, it would not be stealing.

Of course, Marx and Engels felt the only way this would be accomplished is through violent revolution. If people were killed or harmed along the way….Oh Well!!!! some of that would be needed in order to achieve an ultimate good. Have a problem with that? Too bad!!!!! There would be a need, initially, for a “proletariat dictatorship” until everyone adjusted to the new order. This, by the way, was the justification given by Josef Stalin for his reign of terror.

In the distorted eyes of Marx and Engel, after a while a new breed of human would come about that would not take beyond their need and there would be no need to somehow control flow of goods.

Hopefully, by now, you are starting to see how this relates to today’s actions by the progressive Left and the many flaws in this ideology.

In the next essay I am going to dive into this a little more deeply and look a little more at some of the many flaws.

One thought on “Why Do So Many Buy Into the Ideology of Marx?”
  1. The Marxists say they follow the science, but the science they follow is not based in reason or reality…the real failures of Marxism are brushed aside, and the excuse seems to be that the ideology isn’t at fault…individuals are the problem.
    Marxists’ solutions always involve more money – money that must be taken from individuals who have been successful. Those that have achieved and gained wealth are viewed as you said, Charles, as the oppressors. Such a sad, pitiful ideology Marxism is. The challenge is to expose the hoax Marxism is, before its followers destroy everything.

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