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The 2nd Impeachment of President Trump

ByCharles E. Brown

Jan 13, 2021
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Let me reiterate what I have said before: I firmly believe that the president engaged in impeachable conduct. It would require a painful twisting of logic for anyone who is willing to put aside their partianship and review the facts to come to a different conclusion. However, sadly, I seem to be seeing that painful twisting daily in various venues.

Saying that, I think the Democrat’s starting a new impeachment proceeding is nothing more than a political stunt considering that the president’s term is over in a few days and the requisite Senate trial cannot take place until after the president is out of office.

Let’s ask a pertinent question:

Are the Democrats really pushing ahead on impeachment or is this just a partisan game?

The last impeachment proceeding proved to be nothing else than a political exercise where Nancy Pelosi tried to put her thumb on the scale by delaying sending the impeachment articles to the Senate. And, like now, did not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Here, the objective is not to remove the president. The voters have already done that. The purpose of this impeachment is to gain political advantage. The House will ram through this single article with no real hearings or debates and it is highly unlikely that Nancy Pelosi will ever transmit this article to the Senate. Or, at the very most, she will send them over sometime down the road when it will give her a political advantage.

It is nothing more than a partisan stunt. The Democrats are already showing that there is no real urgency in this proceeding. There will be no due process, no hearings, and no debate. The Democrats claim that the president is “too dangerous to be in office” but there is no possibility of removing him before he leaves office on January 20th. Where the heck is the imperative?

The thing to watch here is when Nancy Pelosi decides to appoint managers and transmit the article to the Senate whose rules require a trial. I suspect that after today’s vote this will be the last we hear about impeachment until some future date.

I just hope that Republicans do not once again get duped.

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