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The New Tycoons

ByCharles E. Brown

Jan 16, 2021
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Over a century ago the American public yelled loudly about the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Morgans and such working in unison to create integrated cartels among the oil, railroad, telegraph, power, and steel industries. These tycoons reaped enormous profits by destroying competition, controlling information, and buying politicians with huge money. As a result, angry Americans demanded the passage of antitrust laws.

Sound familiar?

In the 21st-century, two days after an assault on the U.S. Capitol by uncertain rioters, we now see Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc., today’s tycoons, acting as an integrated cartel to shutdown any point of view their Uber-rich CEOs don’t happen to agree with. Today’s controllers of information shut down the accounts of the President of the United States, a social media site that became a haven for the more conservative points of view, the publication of a book by Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, and discussion of the possible improprieties of the 2020 election with the promise of more to come. However, the Ayatollah Khamenei can still freely tweet his desire to destroy Israel and the USA, washed up comedian Kathy Griffith can retweet her photo of her holding the bloody head of the president, Madonna can express her view to blow up the White House along with the entire first family, and rapper Raz Simone can re-express his desire to use an AK-47. National Public Radio, just this past week, interviewed Vicky Osterweil, whose book, “In Defense of Looting”, justifies theft and property destruction. Of course, Amazon is selling the book.

Now that the leftists are in full control of the reigns of government their new goal is not just bring about their ideas, they also want to silence and emasculate opponent’s abilities to organize against them. To this end, be prepared to see them attempt to end the Senate filibuster, make Puerto Rico a state, expand the Supreme Court, and end the Electoral College.

I suspect that at some point even independent bloggers, like this one, will be somehow silenced.

However, there is a way to fight back and wage a peaceful and lawful battle. Without us, the people, there is no Facebook, Twitter, etc. While, in 2021 it is difficult to effectively function without them, you can certainly minimize their usage to the point where they have a greatly reduced audience to sell to their advertisers for big profit. These leftist totalitarians who are trying to make an unfree America have one weak point…their wallets. While progressive politicians, Wall Street, the media, academia, Hollywood, and professional sports are on the side of these leftists they lose power when we the people stop patronizing them and encourage friends and relatives to do the same.

6 thoughts on “The New Tycoons”
  1. We’ll just have to go underground and devise other ways of communication. It’s our own fault that we have allowed these self-styled “we’re so powerful” Potentates to gain so much control. All those “likes” stroke the Ego. Young folks don’t know what it’s like to live without Facebook and Twit-ter (what a stupid name). All we have to do to ruin them is stop using them. Letters still work. Land lines still work. Radio still works. Personal communication is stalled because of shut downs, but it still works. IMHO 2021 will be more difficult than 2020 for different reasons!

  2. It is so hard to leave these sites, but I think we may have to eventually. They only want us to think
    their way which is totally reprehensible to all of us here. God help us all. To shut down the most important person in the world leaves us mere mortals with no hope.

  3. We start a new administration under an armed camp. It starts with sad roads against free speech. We start being scared by those who filled the balloon that burst by those who filled it with explosive gas. We start with a backroad approach to rule of law (illegal immigration is illegal) and should not be accepted. The new Covid19 caravan that will be accepted harms Americans. We start reducing new historic peace in the Middle East and reduce resolve correcting China’s theft, as well as the Covid War to weaken all nations for its own strength. Morally the hollywierdos will further embolden and the killing of our future generations thru abortion weakens our inner Godliness. Pay to Play will again be the motto to govern by. The American people just have to suck it up and take that aspect of governing again because that is what the DC Swamp truly is. What looks like another nice person taking over is really the puppet masters taking over helping corporations and super-rich, not necessarily for the American public. I predict going from the most open presidency we will go to one of the most hidden. There will be few open talks to the press without being scripted. What you don’t know won’t matter because you don’t. The evil liberal national press will not do its job and further drive America into the darkness, not necessarily their past 4 years of fake, misleading, unbalanced, or not reporting news, but allowing the anti 1st amendment movement to strengthen. They win, America loses it’s the reason why America became great. I pray all I write is wrong. But I do not think without a pay-to-play inroad and just being a common American my prayers will not be enough. God bless America and the anti swamp voters.
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