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Comparing Biden with Trump

ByCharles E. Brown

Feb 22, 2021
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Now that President Biden has completed his first month in office it is interesting to compare the two presidencies. Unfortunately, based on his performance to date, the future does not look bright under President Biden.

On the subject of illegal immigration the Trump team managed to reduce that significantly while the Biden administration seems to be working hard to make it easier with fewer legal consequences. Already, ICE agents are reporting an increased influx of gang members, cartel mules, parentless children, and frightening reports of possible foreign terrorists. And, while most Americans are having their lives disrupted with masks, social distancing, and limitations to gatherings these illegal immigrants are entering this country without any covid testing whatsoever.

Before the end of his presidency, President Trump achieved energy independence. However, Team Biden has now halted drilling on federal lands and offshore. The killing of the Keystone pipeline not only cost 11,000 good-paying jobs but will now require that oil be transported via carbon-emitting trucks, trains, and cargo ships. Further, Biden has rejoined the provably ineffective Paris accord which will impose needless costs on most Americans. Biden also announced that he stands with left-wing sycophants like AOC with regard to “green energy” Texas has shown us how effective wind farms and solar panels are. Of course, there is no mention of cleaner, safer, and highly efficient nuclear power.

Before the overhyped pandemic Trump engineered an excellent economy with record low unemployment rates, deregulation, lower taxes, and increased wages. However, the Biden administration is raising the minimum wage which the Congressional Budget Office has shown will cost millions of jobs. Then add in the elimination of energy sector jobs, higher taxes, and more regulation. Finally, let’s mention the large influx of foreign unskilled labor. All of this is a formula for anti-employment and anti-growth.

Crime in Democrat controlled cities is spiking while the White House turns a blind eye to the true natures of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. As of now the Left seem to be strong supporters of law and order only when Republicans are the miscreants.

Speaking of turning a blind eye, the Biden administration seems to be giving the People’s Republic of China a pass regarding its theft of intellectual property, currency manipulations, its militarism, and its attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy. But, given the now proven Biden family ties to China are any of us surprised? Also, by making concessions to Iran it is turning its back on our ally Israel.

All of this puts the United States in danger. But, to meet this danger the Biden administration has chosen to lower our military readiness in favor of making the military politically correct with woke social engineering.

While the Trump administration favored school choice the Biden administration seems to be doing the bidding of the teachers unions and trapping students in failing public schools. These unions, contrary to the scientific consensus, oppose opening schools during the pandemic.

Do we really need to highlight how the Biden administration is driving a stake through the heart of women’s athletics? So what if female athletes now complain that they can’t compete against biological males who suddenly claim they are women, not to mention the sharing of locker rooms and taking the teeth out of disciplinary proceedings.

For all practical purposes, welcome to the 3rd term of the Obama Administration. We see the restoration of the same team that gave us Obama’s eight years. The end result will be a United States with a poisonous and dysfunctional future. I, for one, prefer a United States where differing opinion are not censored and people fired for just expressing what they believe, where law and order is prized, where the administration works to create jobs and not destroy them, where the traditional family is valued, where the military is not politicized, and where hard work is esteemed.

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