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It Doesn’t Get More Ridiculous Than This

ByCharles E. Brown

Feb 27, 2021
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Just when you thought that Left-think couldn’t get any more ridiculous it has:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is providing $140-million to 25 educational institutions for a program called “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction.” This idiotic program contends that “math is synonymous with white supremacy and upholds capitalistic, imperialistic and racist views.”

I will give you a moment to regain your hold on reality.

This “Pathway” program is using videoconferences to teach educators that white students use math differently than students of color.

Of course, the state that is embracing this the most is Oregon where it is felt that objectivity in math is racist and the idea that right and wrong answers should be dispensed with because its authoritarianism perpetuated by that concept is harmful. Students in this program must come up with two or more answers without regardless of them being right or wrong. This, according to the program, will work toward, and I quote, “deconstructing racism and dismantling white supremacy.”

Of course, what these morons fail to realize is that they are being harmful to the very minorities they are ridiculously seeking to empower. Any study of standardized exams show that minority groups historically score significantly lower than whites. As a result, these students need enhanced instruction and support. All moving away from the right answer does is hurt them more. As an example, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) recently showed that among 4th grade students blacks scored 10% lower and Hispanics scored 7% lower than white students. Asians scored 4.5% higher. As students moved into higher grades the discrepancy becomes even larger with 12th grade blacks scoring 20% lower and Hispanics 16% lower. At this level Asians were 2% higher.

Perhaps what is needed are better schools and teaching techniques. You do not help people by moving the goal posts. This is all clearly a disservice to all students and to education itself. It does nothing more than replace true learning with victimhood negating personal responsibility and hard work.

New York public schools recently sent white parents a “Whiteness Manifesto” with eight “white identities” and asked the parents to disavow their whiteness by advocating “white abolition.” And, of course, Black Lives Matter has gotten involved in 20 major school systems and has vowed to, and again I quote, “transform schools into sites of resistance to a system that devalues black lives.”

It seems like reading, writing, and arithmetic is being replaced by non-stop critical race theory and anti-Americanism. Rather than emphasize unification they push divisiveness and stereotyping. All this while letting critical thinking and other necessary intellectual skills fall by the wayside. They push the preposterous idea that success or failure is decided by race, class, gender, and sexuality. Personal effort plays no part in it. Anyone who is successful must be defined by these groups.

It does remind me of George Orwell’s 1984 where the government pushes the idea that 2 + 2 = 5.

As tax season approaches I may use this concept on my tax return and decide that my tax bill is much lower than the arithmetic says.

5 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Get More Ridiculous Than This”
  1. Wow. I’ve heard stories about liberals saying that math is racist. I thought they were joking. Apparently not. A person gets to have two answers to a math problem no matter if they are right or not? How are these poor people ever have employment if they don’t know that 2+2 = 4 not five or seven

  2. So sad. Common Core also pushed the idea that 2+2 might equal 5, if one showed the work 😆 but it’s even worse now. “Showing the work” has also been deemed harmful 🙄 We are living in a world where the constructs of reality are under assault. We are being told there is no wrong or right, man and woman…soon we’ll be told to believe there is no day and night, or yes and no. It’s well past the time to call out the nonsense loudly!

  3. Just making sure the next generation is so dumb they do t know that they are. Wing take. Advantage of

  4. Now, 2+2 is only 4 if you are a “white” person. For anyone else, the answer is of no consequence. Funny, in a 21 years career in the military, I never noticed ANY color, except, of course, Air Force Blue!

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