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Never Enough for the Left

ByCharles E. Brown

Mar 30, 2021
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This past year I have followed all the federal guidelines and state mandates regarding the COVID pandemic. I have worn a mask when required, washed my hands, and social distanced. However, within that framework I have tried to live life as normally as possible. Once they reopened I go to the gym 5-6 times a week. I go to several grocery stores several times a week. I eat out at favorite restaurants a couple of nights a week in order to support these struggling establishments. I have friends over to dinner occasionally. Finally, as of this week, I am fully vaccinated.

Sounds good…right?

Not according to some on the Left.

I had a friend (emphasis on the word “had”) whose final conversation with me told me that “it is because of people like you that we can’t return to normal.” The fact that we followed the mandates seemed to have no meaning to him.

According to this person, he and his wife have stayed mostly indoors this past year, went to the grocery store only once a week (he and his wife alternated going to the store) and, I would imagine, went to things like doctor appointments. But because I wasn’t doing exactly the same thing I was somehow responsible for the continuation of this pandemic.

Last week, Senator Ted Cruz was having a press conference when a reporter asked, “Do you mind putting a mask on for us?” Senator Cruz promptly replied by telling him “You’re welcome to step away, if you like.” The reporter then went on to tell Cruz how unsafe they felt because he didn’t have a mask on. I guess the reporters own mask did not offer enough protection despite their claims about masks.

It is tough to take these self-righteous nags seriously any longer. They are not following science, as they claim, but using this virus as a Sword of Damocles. While these same people tell us how we should live our lives in abject fear and, despite getting a vaccine, we should continue wearing masks and distancing they have no problem with thousands of untested immigrants crossing the border illegally and being released into the general population without restrictions.

In fact, it is these virtue-signaling, intolerant, and self-righteous people that are really preventing us from returning to normal. Not a “new normal” (a term I find really repugnant) but whatever each of us individually consider normal in our lives. The Left wants normal to be whatever THEY decide it will be. Rights have absolutely no meaning to them. To them, the “new normal” is they dictate…we sheepishly obey. And whatever you do, do not ask questions and express any sort of dissent.

5 thoughts on “Never Enough for the Left”
  1. Thanks Charles. Now Biden wants mask mandates to continue. This is pathetic. Herd immunity won’t even be possible if we continue to be masked up.

  2. I feel the same, Charles.
    The latest from the new CDC director about how she feels “impending doom” is a careless and horrible thing to say. She has obviously received her marching orders from the Biden administration to continue to scare people into complying with their draconian directives.

  3. And now they’re recommending Texas require masks again because of the problem they created with the migrants coming in with covid-19 ugh

  4. Much of what has been going on with Covid is getting us used to the idea that we don’t decide what is best for us…we must do what the ruling class believes is best for the collective! That is un-American when the arbitrary rules are intended to extend without limit…

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