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Facing the Truth

ByCharles E. Brown

Jul 8, 2021
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Ever have a friend or relative who has constant and seemingly unending troubles of one sort or another? Have you noticed that in a great many cases they are always blaming others for their problems and never taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions?

This is what we are now seeing from our political and business leaders today.

This past 4th of July weekend was celebrated with 400 Americans being shot resulting in 150 deaths. The vast majority of the perpetrators and victims were young African American males. There is hardly a day goes by where we don’t hear about more murders taking place in major cities. And in places like San Francisco the streets are literally turning into toilets for the homeless. Yet, what is the huge national debate now? Whether the fairy tale of Critical Race Theory should be taught in our schools!!!!!!

China is building up its nuclear arsenal and, by all appearances, planning the takeover of Taiwan and other Asian nations. Cyber attacks are on the increase affecting major military, industrial, and infrastructure facilties. What are our military leaders doing about it? Investigating and rooting out so-called “white supremacists” in our military ranks.

Last summer saw major looting, burning, and rioting in cities like Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis. Attacks, some fatal, were made on police officers and entire sections of these cities were occupied for weeks. Many small businesses were destroyed. Yet, on January 6th a pile of idiotic yahoos broke into the Capitol for a few hours and we suddenly have investigations, barbed wire barriers, and 20,000 military guards for weeks. Antifa and BLM were just protestors, but January 6th was an armed insurrection.

Having an honest assessment of our problems would require asking honest questions and entertaining honest answers….something our military, political, and industrial leaders seem to not want to do. Asking such questions will probably brand you a “racists” or “white supremacist.”

Maybe it is time to for many to stop this wholesale attempt at misdirection and start facing truths and honesty. Only after that happens will these problems be solved. However, facing the truth is never easy.

3 thoughts on “Facing the Truth”
  1. Well said, Charles. The media is burying most of the major problems as you have stated, however I do believe whether or not CRT is taught in schools, by that name or just by the ideology of oppressor vs oppressed must be stopped. It is a critical ( pun intended 😉) that our public school system does NOT teach this dangerous attitude embedding racism in young minds. The Leftists have been setting up this curriculum for decades now and it is the systemic racism they pretend they want to erase. The next generation is the future of our republic… if they are poisoned with CRT the republic will not be kept…

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