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The Asylum Has Been Taken Over

ByCharles E. Brown

Jul 9, 2021
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Let me be blunt here:

We now live in a world where critical thinking and deductive reasoning have gone out the window. Today, we hear outrages claims that fly in the face of obvious facts and if you don’t believe these insane claims you are deemed unfit to speak, a racist, or simply stupid.

At one time this sort of thinking would have been isolated in even a moderately educated society. But, thanks to social media, this thinking has found the affirmation of others. It is now firmly embedding itself in our schools, media, government, and business.

Factual teaching about the rights and wrongs of American history has been replaced by the fairy tale of Critical Race Theroy. A failed and historically horrific economic system is suddenly desired. White children are now taught to hate themselves because they suffer the original sin of irredeemable racism. Males can be females, females can be males, and anyone can be any species they want to be.

Despite having a 2-term and substantially elected black president, and now a black Vice President, the United States still practices systemic racism. Out of the 450 police shootings this year only 74 were black targets. Yet we are told that the police hunt blacks for sport. We are told that arson is free speech, looting is just poor folks taking what they need, national borders should be left unprotected, and unrestrained government spending results in prosperity.

A President in very obvious mental decline and spending money at levels that can never be repaid is desirable. Climate change that has governed the earth since the dawn of time can suddenly be controlled by not using fossil fuels and adopting Marxist policies.

Poverty is no longer the result of self-destructive life decisions but, instead, being caused by white supremacy and the heating and cooling of the earth.

Local libraries have middle-aged men with estrogen-induced breasts, dressed in mini-skirts, and wearing stiletto heels reading to young children. Some of our states no longer recognize only 2 genders, but as many as 58. States like Wisconsin no longer recognize the “hurtful words” of “mother” and “father” on birth certificates. A man can now occupy a woman’s weightlifting slot at the Tokyo Olympics.

Defunding the police will somehow result in fewer robberies, rapes, assaults and murders.

Passing election laws that tighten the integrity of the voting process while expanding early voting is somehow deemed as racist and worthy DOJ lawsuites.

A Facebook friend, just this morning, posted a single sentence opinion: “Make Orwell Fiction Again.”

We are now seeing Orwell’s “doublethink” and asinine opinions, once the thoughts of the mentally insane, becoming reality. Liberal Americans have deluded themselves into thinking that America is systemically evil, gluttonous, and racist.

Suddenly, 2 + 2 = 5 and woe to those who dare to say otherwise. Suddenly, if you point out the error it is YOU who are the mentally questionable and too stupid to live.

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