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Covid as a Cover for Incompetence

ByCharles E. Brown

Aug 2, 2021
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Recently, I attended a politically correct “event” by Microsoft for the introduction of its long overdue new version of the Windows operating system. For the first 30 minutes or so we were emotionally told how moving the “Start” button from the bottom-left side of the screen to the bottom center of the screen was going to drastically improve our lives, family relationships, and emotional health. The rest of the event was devoted to virtue signaling how Microsoft is devoted to racial equality and such.

At another time I watched Apple Computer’s annual shindig that similarly told us how more a colorful emojis are going to make the world a better place. Apple then introduced “new and innovative” features that other software vendors have had for quite sometime now. Then, we were subjected to the mandatory virtue signaling.

Brilliant commentator related a recent incident involving American Airlines. Here are his words:

“American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is woke, too. He has denounced a new Texas voting law likewise requiring tougher ID usage—although he later admitted that he had never read the new statute before virtue signaling its illiberality.

I suggest Parker might first ensure that his airline has not become a Third-World carrier before he seeks to enlighten Americans on their supposed backwardness. I just took a flight on one of Parker’s American Airlines flights from central California to Dallas, Texas. But right before boarding the full flight, passengers were apprised that American did not have enough gas in the plane to make it to Dallas—and couldn’t find any in Fresno. So it was “stopping off” on the way in San Francisco to “fill up”—180 miles away and in the exact opposite direction of its eventual destination. I’ve only twice been on a plane without enough fuel to reach its destination and in need of a detour to find gas somewhere— once 15 years ago in Mexico and the other in 1974 in Egypt.”

To the point, whether it is major corporations, the entertainment industry, government, education, or sports the so-called pandemic and being woke is being used as a cover for plain incompetence and a lack of ideas. Our schools are turning out students that can barely spell their own names and who place lower and lower on international standardized measures while being taught to be good and unquestioning Maoists.

We are told to “follow the science” by people who can’t tell the biological difference between male and females. Of course, the science we are told to follow is dictated by so-called scientists with strong left-wing credentials. Questioning their dictates is tantamount to mortal sin and could result in the severest of punishment.

If there are wrongs and incompetencies it is, unquestioningly, the fault of noxious white male heterosexuals. Of course, noxious white male heterosexuals on the left are exempt because of their own moral superiority.

Violent crime in major cities is increasing by leaps and bounds while politicians and left-wingers lecture us on how bad the police are. In the meantime, black-on-black crime in cities like Chicago is being completely ignored.

We hear military leaders, such as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, not tell us of the state a military preparedness in an increasingly dangerous world, but instead point out the military’s “woke” programs and how they are weeding out suspiciously overly zealous white males.

In all of the above stories we see wokism and post-pandemic excuses replacing competence.

Once again, to quote Victor Davis Hanson when talking about former NYC Mayor Bloomberg:

“If you cannot clear New York City of snow in a timely manner, then lecture the trapped on everything from global warming to the dangers of super-sized soft drinks. “

Wokism and COVID-19 is simply being used as a cover for incompetence. And it is getting worse.

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  1. As I remarked after being mobbed by the woke on a google group of colleagues at my former TV station employment (the mobbing was ALL by new hires who didn’t know me):
    The Old Guard is being replaced by the Red Guard.

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