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Oh Yeah…..Trump Was Different

ByCharles E. Brown

Aug 11, 2021
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There was no way I could let this week go without opining on the impending departure of New York’s soon-to-be former governor, Andrew Cuomo. You will excuse me if I do a bit of paraphrasing here from my good friend, fellow Bronxite and former prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy. However, our views are exactly the same here.

First of all, I was more than a little amused that many of my left-leaning acquaintances on social media tried to redirect attention back to former President Trump. Of course, the transparency of this tactic was easily seen and handily ignored. But it now leads to a very interesting question:

Like House Democrats after Trump left office, will the New York State Assembly proceed with its impeachment hearings despite Cuomo leaving Albany? After all, the pending cases against Cuomo involve more than just sexual misconduct.

There is his reckless mishandling of placing COVID patients among vulnerable nursing home residents, his very lucrative book deal bragging about how well he handled the COVID crisis, improperly using state employees to write the book, giving family members and close friends and allies preferential COVID testing, and possible improper deals in the construction of the new “Mario Cuomo Bridge” to replace the formerly Tappan Zee Bridge.

In fact, it is now coming out that in 2014 the Obama Justice Department launched a probe into the Cuomo administration’s corruption that resulted in Cuomo’s top aide, Joseph Percoco, getting a six-year federal prison sentence. However Cuomo, with the help of New York’s liberal-Democratic Assembly, did everything they could to derail that investigation. One has to wonder if that same Assembly now impeaches Cuomo, will that all come out?

When Trump left office the Democrats screamed that impeachment was essential so that there would be full accountability and disclosure of all facts. Will the same standard apply here now that it is a Democrat on the receiving end? Weren’t we told that just leaving office wasn’t good enough?

We were told that only impeachment would prevent Trump from running for office again. But, you say, “that was the President and Cuomo is only the governor. It is a completely different scenario.”

OH YEAH???????

Here is an excerpt from the New York State constitution. Article VI, Section 24 to be precise:

Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to . . . removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any public office of honor, trust, or profit under this state.

Isn’t what was good for Trump also good for Cuomo? Shouldn’t the same standards be applied?

Hasn’t Cuomo done the same thing that the Democrats accused Trump of? Claiming that he did nothing wrong and all of this is just a political witch hunt? Or are the governor’s admires just saying that after he lays low for a while he will run again for something or maybe even the White House.

Let’s be blunt here, the Democrats have absolutely no interest in displaying all the misdeeds and corruption that has been going on in New York State for years. You are going to see this whole thing buried faster than you can imagine. By the end August you will hear: “Cuomo who?”

And while we are at it, don’t be surprised if you see Cuomo pardon himself before he leaves office.


We are looking forward….not backward

Oh yeah….Trump was different!!!!

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  1. The motifs of sexual harassment and equal standards made me think this:

    What’s good when you goose is good when it’s grander.

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