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Chaos Reigns

ByCharles E. Brown

Aug 19, 2021
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The United States is now suffering one of the most humiliating periods in our history due to a bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan. But, don’t be overly concerned…our strong leader assured us that all will be good if we get a COVID vaccine and wear a mask.

There, don’t you feel much better?

As for our military, we have nothing to fear either. After all, they have all had their diversity and gender studies training. Further, a “PRIDE” flag flew above the embassy in Afghanistan. That must have sent shivers down the spines of the Taliban. Thank God our military is busy routing out those awful “white supremacists” from its ranks.

Our Joint Chief’s were busy virtue signaling by recommending “woke” reading lists for our fighting men and women. And, of course, they were busy exposing those treasonous Russian links and lecturing us about what a dictator the former president was. What have we heard from any of them this past week about the Kabul debacle? CRICKETS!!!

As for our enemies, they should fear our cognitively challenged and ideological president as well as our woke Pentagon and politically motivated intelligence community….shouldn’t they?

Why, thanks to the Biden Administration we are once again begging those who fundamentally hate us for oil so we won’t have to build those messy pipelines or, god forbid, engage in fracking. And, thankfully, our strong president has nicely asked Putin to please tell Russian hackers to not hit certain strategic points in the U.S.

Of course, we should all feel sorry for Biden. After all, he had no choice after big, bad Trump. So what if he reversed every other Trump program. But, in Afghanistan, his hands were tied. After all, in this instance, Biden had no free will.

But if our military seems to be concerned about everything except their plans to exit Afghanistan, our intelligence community is ready to do the job. After all, shouldn’t we be confident with people like John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe involved?

But, in the end, the Biden Administration is threatening to ostracize the Taliban form the world community. I am absolutely certain that in between beheading people and brutalizing women they really want to visit the United Nations in New York.

As another editorialist just wrote:

“If Joe Biden were a Republican, the current Democratic House would long ago have impeached him. And, after the Kabul catastrophe, even the bipartisan Senate might have convicted him.”

Given the way Biden has defied the Supreme Court, disregarded our borders, tried to destroy voting integrity, failed to enforce laws, is destroying the economy, and disgracing us with chaotic foreign policy, that would have been an impeachment I would have stood firmly behind.

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