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What the Heck Is He Thinking

ByCharles E. Brown

Aug 23, 2021
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By mid-September we should see an Afghanistan that has moved backward in time by about 600-years. However, we will also see a medieval Taliban have the use of about $50-billion worth of very modern and deadly, state-of-the-art U.S. weaponry left behind. This will all be thanks to a very reckless and now-obvious cognitively challenged Joe Biden. Afghanistan will soon become a haven for terrorists who, after very safe training, will easily enter the United States through our non-existent southern border.

In any operation such as this the military is usually the last to leave after the safe withdrawal of civilians, contractors, and allies. But not in Biden World where the primary objective was to get a photo opportunity on the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11.

As recently as late July we were assured that Afghanistan was ready for a U.S. departure which most Americans welcomed. However, neither Americans nor our NATO allies were prepared for the chaotic scenes that followed. Rather than an orderly and gradual withdrawal “Uncle Joe” gave the many Americans who were dead or wounded a dishonorable slap in the face. Suddenly, we were told that this chaos was “inevitable.” He even threw the former President Barrack Obama, who he served as Vice-President under, under the bus along with all other former presidents and, of course, Trump. But, if that wasn’t enough, blame was also given to the intelligence services, the military, the Afghan army and, most of all, the American people for being naive to think that this was going to go smoothly. In other words, everyone but Joe Biden himself.

In a nutshell, his idea was to pull the military out of Afghanistan and let the 10 – 15 thousand Americans there to fend for themselves.

One has to ask a very simple question:

“What in hell was he thinking?”

Did he think that the Taliban would listen to sanctimonious lectures by the likes of Secretary of State Antony Blinken? Did he think that the murderous Taliban had suddenly and miraculously become a responsible world-leader?

This is only the latest in a series of fiascos created by the Biden administration. In January he inherited an economy that was beginning to rebound due to $1-trillion in government red ink. So what did he do? He deflated our currency by printing another $1-trillion and then green-lighted a $2-trillion, so-called, “infrastructure” bill which resulted in unemployment compensation that discouraged many Americans from returning to work. And if this didn’t hurt things enough, he is threatening businesses with higher payroll taxes, higher income taxes, capital gains taxes and, of course, more stringent and crippling regulations. We are now seeing higher prices for essentials like, gas, food, appliances, lumber, etc along with shortages in parts and workers.

Any increase in wages will soon be wiped out by spiraling inflation.

Biden will rack up more debt than Bush, Obama, and Trump in half the time.

Do we really need to talk about the border where 2-million illegals will cross this year alone? All without COVID testing and vaccinations that are being required of American citizens? How many millions will cross next year and the year after while the Biden presidency continues?

What we are seeing is a cognitively challenged Biden who is being pulled in every direction by his own deeply fractured party coupled with an unreasoned hatred of anything Trump. The end result is beyond just insanity. It is dangerous for America. Of course, then we end up with an intellectually questionable Kamala Harris and her donkey-like laugh when asked questions she can’t answer.

The Left’s agenda will inevitably fail and their patsy, Joe, will be blamed when he is hastily shown the exit. And, rest assured, Biden’t expiration date is quickly approaching.

4 thoughts on “What the Heck Is He Thinking”
  1. “He” isn’t thinking – Joe Biden could never be accused of thinking. He has always been a laughingstock. But, I believe that the same inept clowns who were responsible for Benghazi are running the show now, with similarly spectacularly failed results. This entire administration should be hurled out of office and thrown head first into prison, for a very long stretch.

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