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Biden Has Opened The Door To Terrorism

ByCharles E. Brown

Sep 4, 2021
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Let me begin with a quote from former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy:

If we don’t open our eyes to the ideology driving the violence, we’re never going to prevent terrorist acts

The number one job, and the only real job, of government is to protect its citizens. No matter how much they try to pat themselves on the back in public press conferences, in leaving behind hundreds of American citizens in Afghanistan last week our president, and government, failed miserably in their job. Further, President Joe Biden has colluded with an enemy whose primary mission is to destroy us and our allies. In doing this he has just about guaranteed a homeland terrorist attack as well as attacks on our interests outside of the homeland.

An uncollaborated claim that we attacked and killed a couple of ISIS members involved with the terrorist attack that killed 13 of our military members is hardly a response when compared to the president’s pathetically weak speech that, in essence, surrendered our responsibility to our enemy. We now know that the Democrats are aligned with radical Muslim ideology and will give them a pass on any misdeed.

In his weak press conferences, President Biden is trying to paint the terroristic Taliban as another world government that we should be friends with and who will act responsibly toward the rest of the world and its citizens. The president has shown willful blindness to the fact that these terrorist groups, despite their own internal conflicts and hatreds, are united in their willingness to use violence in order to push their ideological beliefs.

The president stated that we will respond to any acts of violence perpetrated against Americans. This is blatantly insufficient. The president has failed to say, or show any plan whatsoever, how this violence will be prevented. Certainly, having a nearly non-existent southern border does not help or give anyone a feeling of safety. Bringing in nearly 50,000 unvetted Afghani refugees to this country is not comforting either.

Make no mistake about it, the Taliban is a sharia-supremacist terrorist organization. After gleefully giving them the names of Afghan citizens who worked along with the United States and then leaving these people behind we have guaranteed their torturous murders. By failing to strongly point out what the Taliban really is our president has shown either complete idiocy or willful blindness. The only rights that Afghan citizens will have now are prescribed by sharia, and sharia is completely antithetical to Western rights. When the Taliban told Biden that they would uphold the “rights” of Afghan citizens they meant “Sharia Rights.”

Biden tried to tell us that the Taliban has made commitments on counterterrorism. This would be nearly laughable. In sharia law a Muslim attacking a non-Muslim is considered lawful and certainly not terrorism. All they are doing is jihad for Allah. Does anyone honestly think that al-Queda thought they were doing anything wrong on 9/11?

Security in Afghanistan is now under the direction of Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani…a wanted terrorist with a $5-million reward on his head.

To hear the Biden Administration claim that they can work with the Taliban is pure nonsense and gibberish, as well as nonsense that the Taliban and ISIS-K, that is roughly a rebirth of al-Qaeda, are rivals. They are all united in their hatred of the United States.

Rather than securing the United States, this administration’s incompetence is doubling our danger. With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 happening within the next week expect anything at anytime.

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