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The Covid Pandemic and Climate Change

ByCharles E. Brown

Sep 30, 2021
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COVID was the Left’s idea of Utopia. It allowed them to exercise control beyond their wildest imagination. It permitted Democrat governors to test the efficacy of using fear in order to become de facto dictators.

COVID was a smashing success for the Left. However, now that COVID is starting to wind down they need a new apocalypse.


Because of the pandemic lockdowns 2020 saw a significant reduction in carbon emissions. But even that wasn’t close to the requirements and goals of the Paris Climate Accord. By 2030 those emissions would have to be 11% of the emissions of 2020.

Now that the Left has seen that they can successfully lock us down there are already calls for climate change lockdowns. In 2020, lockdowns proved that restricting movement and shutting down the economy drastically reduced CO2. So, why not apply the same lockdowns used for COVID to climate change?

But it is not going to stop there:

Most car companies are gearing up heavily to produce electric vehicles (I have to confess that I am close to getting one when my existing lease ends next year). But it will be only a matter of time before the Left will go after the pollution created in the manufacturing of batteries for those vehicles and the production of electricity that will be needed to charge those cars. They will next go after private transportation in its entirety.

Many states are already looking to make the cost of owning a car prohibitive by increasing licensing and registration fees and possibly charging a per mile tax. And, already, we see this administration forcing up the cost of gasoline. Expect the price of electricity, natural gas, gas for your car, and heating oil to triple or quadruple over the next decade.

Also, on the agenda are things like licensing fees for air-conditioners and rationing electricity. What they can’t eliminate entirely they will just make prohibitively expensive. I have even heard discussion of laws that would require employees to live within a certain distance to their employment.

By the time they get through, using planes, automobiles, meat, large homes, air-conditioning, and heat will become prohibitively expensive and out of the reach of most except for the elite oligarchy.

Of course, for that oligarchy roads will be empty for them and lots of cheap labor will be available to them to do all the menial things they don’t want to do themselves while the rest of us, the little people, will be stuck in tiny apartments, in crowded, fetid, and dangerous cities, unarmed and weak from a lack of available protein because meat will be prohibited as a pollutant.

Rest assured, it is the goal of the Left to turn America into a single-party socialist utopia.

Welcome to our dystopian future.

5 thoughts on “The Covid Pandemic and Climate Change”
  1. Sadly, true. It’s all about control. The “master planners” understand that electric cars must be charged using electricity which will be limited by their regulations on fossil fuels & their refusal to allow nuclear power…

  2. On this electric car thing:

    Reminds me of my profession.

    I’m in the cinema industry and have been for over 50 years.

    I’m a digital tekkie that saw the move from film to digital.

    Film machines were hard working units that could run forever if maintained and were easy to fix, along with proven themselves with excellent presentations.

    Then, the “suits” had better ideas..

    Let’s go digital to eliminate man to operate these machines and let them run themselves.

    Now, the long, trusted machines were replaced with “black boxes” that have parts that horribly expensive to replace when they decide to act up.

    We call these black boxes, “Kenmore Dish Washers.” Something that has to be replaced every 15 years, if that.

    I can see the electric car lasting much shorter and horribly expensive to keep on the road…

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