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From Constitution to 1984

ByCharles E. Brown

Oct 10, 2021
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The Constitution of the United States, despite its simple wording and short length, was very carefully written so that no one group, or part of government, would have too much power.

The United States Federal Government is allowed only 20 or so powers. Only Congress can past laws, the president enforces those laws, and any dispute about the laws or between the states gets decided by the Supreme Court. The only laws Congress can pass are those that can be shown to be connected with the 20 or so powers granted to the federal government by “We the People” and written down in the Constitution. The 10th Amendment then goes on to say that any power not granted by “We the People” and written down in the Constitution is a power of the individual states or the people.

What could be clearer and more concise than that?

Where the heck does the Constitution give the federal government the power to hand out money, our money, like Halloween candy? Where does it authorize the federal government to dictate what our schools teach? And I could go on and on about the extra-constitutional powers that the federal government has seized.

Like it or not, when you have a government that no longer stays within the framework of a constitution you have a government with unlimited power. From where I come from that is called a “DICTATORSHIP.” The simplest of logic and facts shows that the United States is now a dictatorship. And if that isn’t scary enough, the simple fact is that that dictatorship is not being governed by congress or the president…it is being run by over 2-million unelected bureaucrats who pass all sorts of laws and regulations nearly everyday. In other words, we now have a dictatorship without the foggiest idea who the hell is really in charge….if anyone.

Who is now really dictating that parents that speak up at school board meetings are really “domestic terrorists”? Who is deciding that American citizens who simply trespassed should be kept in solitary confinement in prison? Who is now deciding that Google searches could end up making citizens answerable to the state? Who decides that a vaccine where you can still get the disease and pass it on to others should be mandated? Who decides that violent riots by BLM / Antifa are lawful while protestors that demand lawful behavior are insurrectionists?

Who in government decided that putting America First is xenophobic and racists while opening our borders and allowing people to enter without restriction was constitutional and legal? Who decides that it is alright to foster racial hatred in our schools by teaching Critical Race Theory or teaching that America was formed n 1619 only to continue slavery?

Like any dictatorship, this one is trying awfully hard to destroy our actual history and rewrite the textbooks to teach their version of history. And anyone who gets in their way is now an enemy of the state.

What better way to coverup what is really going on than to put a person into the Oval Office that is barely even a puppet or figurehead? But then we have to wonder who the puppet master is that is pulling the strings. We could go down a whole list of names from George Soros to Bill Gates. But, in reality, we really don’t know. Is it maybe China? Who knows? Biden got elected by spending most of the presidential campaign hidden in his basement.

So, like Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984 we are being governed by an unseen government. And those we can see seem to be there only for show. We can suddenly be on the wrong side of the law without knowing it because the law could change tomorrow without us really knowing it. Speak out against CRT and you could end up in Guantanamo Bay and be classified the same as radical Islamic terrorists. Think the Patriot Act was for the Osama Bin Laden types? Think again!!!!

Orwell was exactly right as were the Founding Fathers. If you allow anyone too much power you will quickly learn what evil lies in their hearts. To paraphrase Orwell:

“every day seems darker, every moment seems more unjust, and every edict seems so un-American”

2 thoughts on “From Constitution to 1984”
  1. Sadly elected progressives (in both parties) have been giving more and more power to government agencies for decades. Faceless individuals within these agencies never have to take responsibility or run for re-election…now We the People are stuck answering to the monstrous bureaucracy. The only way to freedom is civil disobedience by Americans. We the People must push back against unconstitutional actions that are being forced on us. The push back at school board meetings is a start. We must vote in people at the local level that value individual freedom and our constitutional republic.

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