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2022 Is Coming Faster Than Democrats Want

ByCharles E. Brown

Oct 13, 2021
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Looking at the poll numbers, a lot of Democrats are now experiencing buyer’s remorse. They were so influenced by their irrational hatred of Donald Trump that they failed to realize that they supported a stumbling, overpromising and underdelivering, lousy leader.

Despite what Democrats would love to think, easily demonstrable facts do not miraculously go away by denying and overlooking them, and the facts behind the Biden presidency are shockingly bad.

We have container ships sitting offshore waiting days or weeks for port access while the U.S. now has 10.9 million unfilled jobs. Grocery and gas prices are skyrocketing, and even left-leaning media is reporting that America’s economic recovery has hit a roadblock. As of this month, our public debt is now $28.4 trillion.

CNN recently reported “Mounting problems test Biden’s presidency,” and Rolling Stone has asked “Why has Biden’s approval rating gotten so low so quickly?” Politico reported “The president’s decline is alarming” while polls are clearly showing that people do not feel like their lives are improving under this administration.”

The fact remains that Biden is failing to keep any promises he made from his basement during the presidential campaign.

He promised to cut prescription-drug prices by 60 percent. He promised to put Social Security on a path to solvency. He promised to make public colleges and universities tuition-free for families who earn less than $125,000 a year. He promised to create 4.4 million jobs by this past September. And, most laughably, he promised to shut down the Corona virus. In place of making good on his promises, we hear nothing but blame and excuses.

In spite of the fact that 95% of American seniors and 78.2% of American adults are fully vaccinated, and 76.4% of all eligible Americans have at lease one jab, he puts the claim on the unvaccinated. He promised that for those who are fully vaccinated life will return to normal without the need for masks. But reality is far from that promise.

The administration’s messaging on boosters has been far from encouraging and has resulted in the Kaiser Family Foundation reporting that 71% of unvaccinated respondents believing that the boosters are needed because the vaccines were not working.

Joe Biden promised to shut down the virus but, 10 months into his administration, it is still very much with us and life has not fully returned to normal.

Biden has now created confusion with his own infrastructure bill by saying the bill should now be put on the back burner until his even bigger “Build Back Better” build has enough votes to pass.

There is no longer a question that Biden’s approval rating is rapidly dropping. One national poll has put his approval around 38% with the Real Clear Politics average around 43%. His press secretary, Jen Psaki, has to do a daily cleanup and even John Kerry has said that Biden “doesn’t understand the consequences of his policy initiatives.” It is now obvious that the radical left-wing of his party is now pulling his strings.

A recent study by Pennsylvania Democrats concluded:

“Not one of them liked Biden personally. They all viewed him as a normal, lying politician. None of them believed that Republicans were to blame for the administrator’s failures.”

What the Democrats are just realizing is that the ruling party is responsible for what government does and, despite a slim majority in the House and a nominal Republican Senate majority, the public views the Democrats as the ruling party. The public also sees Democrats as failing to make any concessions to Republicans. Mitch McConnell was wise not to vote to raise the debt ceiling because raising it will, undoubtedly, be an issue in the 2022 election.

Finally, the big issue in the room is, without question, Afghanistan. I don’t think it is necessary to rehash leaving 100 American citizens, an unknown number of green-card holders, and more than 100,000 Afghan allies who qualified for Special Immigrant Visas behind. However, in the 2022 campaign, the president will be reminded of his words: “If there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna to get them all out.”

2022 is coming and, rest assured, even if the election were held today the Republicans have a lot to run on. God only knows how much more they will have a year from now.

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