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The Insanity of Arbitrary Rules

ByCharles E. Brown

Jan 2, 2022
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I have a dilemma you may want to ponder.

If a disease is dangerous and lethal, and someone is certified to have it, would you want to isolate them until the person has proven to be no longer a danger? Or would you shorten their isolation and get them back into the general population quickly?

Now, I am sure most of you would say the former, unless the disease in question is no longer as dangerous as the government and media would like you to believe. But this is the arbitrariness and insanity of the CDC and Dr. Anthony (I am science) Fauci.

If all of this isn’t crazy enough the government is treating fully vaccinated people as if they were lepers, forcing them to wear masks and take other precautions. All of this despite reports that the Omicron variant is much milder with the chance of death or serious illness greatly reduced.

Some may ask: “Do you want others to get COVID?”

Of course not. Nor do I want others to catch a cold or influenza. But we don’t take unusual precautions against those with masks, social distancing, and closing schools and places of business. If a Broadway actor gets the flu they don’t shut down the show for a week. In a free society we accept risks that are sometimes worse than COVID. We accept that we sometimes catch a cold or the flu. There is no such thing as a risk-free society.

The Omicron variant is spreading like the common cold and seasonal flu with symptoms that are not all that different. While we certainly do not want anyone to die, as a society we accept that a small number of people will die of the common cold and seasonal flu.

Admittedly, the unvaccinated are at greater risk. However, those who voluntarily decide not to vaccinate do so at their own risk barring other medical considerations. But for the 80% or so of us who are fully vaxed, the risk of serious disease is, at best, minimal and certainly not enough to disrupt a normally functional free society. As statistics get refined, we are discovering that the mortality rate of COVID is around 1.4%. In other words, out of 55.5 million reported cases of COVID, we have had about 801,000 deaths with a sizable majority of those attributed to the elderly and medically compromised.

Of course government and media does not want you to hear all of this. Instead, we hear them laughably struggling to defend President Biden’s ridiculous vaccine mandate two years after the pandemic began and a year after the vaccine was introduced. Then, boldly announcing, that “there is no federal solution to the virus” and passing the responsibility to the states. If a young woman wants to get an abortion, she is entitled to make her own decisions about her body. But, if that same woman decides not to vaccinate, she does so with the threat of losing her livelihood and being treated like a pariah. And, let me add that this is the same vaccine that, when Trump was president, was declared as unreliable that nobody should take.

COVID is here to stay. It is no longer a pandemic, but an endemic…and we, as a society have to learn to live with it. Like many other things, it is a nuisance for most of us but mortal for a tiny percentage.

Strong-arming people to get the vaccination and strangling the economy will not work. Just give people the facts and let them make their own decisions. In the end, the best defense against this virus is freedom.

2 thoughts on “The Insanity of Arbitrary Rules”
  1. Incredibly thoughtful.
    I am quite sick of the fear porn being promulgated by the main steam media and Dr. Fauci. It is time to let this all go.

  2. It the goal of these Democrats to achieve the possession of America to make its citizens into those little yellow skinned, goggle wearing … Minions.

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