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Welcome to the United States of Venezuela

ByCharles E. Brown

Feb 14, 2022
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Is the United States heading down the same perilous path as Venezuela?

Without question, the answer is yes.

Anyone who has studied the history of the downfall of Rome or, more recently, Venezuela, will see very clear parallels with Biden’s America. The most obvious and telltale signs are the inability to find once plentiful consumer goods, laws going either unenforced or inequitably enforced, ubiquitous crime, radical socialism, the destruction of constitutional norms, a breakdown of national borders, and now the threat of a new and potentially apocalyptic military conflict.

For all practical purposes, the once great United States of America is becoming a Third World country under the Biden Administration. Citizens are mandated to get a vaccine with questionable effectiveness, as well as wearing ineffective masks, while millions of foreigners cross our borders illegally without regard to COVID-19. In the meantime we are offered contradictory communiques on the virus from health officials of questionable credibility that are more in line with politics than medical practices.

We are now seeing inflation that we have not seen since the Carter administration. The cost of food, fuel, housing, health care, and transportation are topping nearly 8%. Some areas are now paying nearly $5 for a gallon of gas.

After decades of improving race relations suddenly we have moved back 60-years in time while adding the term “racist” to anything someone happens to disagree with.

For the first time in American history millions are being paid not to work and stay at home giving us a result of supply shortages and empty shelves.

Not long ago, we saw a return to nineteenth-century style train robberies. We all saw images of train yards heavily littered with empty boxes after the boxcars were looted and emptied.

Our recent withdrawal from Afghanistan brought us back to 1975 and the infamous images of our withdrawal from Saigon.

While the Trump administration led us into energy independence, we are now once again begging our enemies to please pump more oil. Among those enemies is Russia despot Vladimir Putin, who we may end up in a military conflict with.

The sad part is that none of these problems are the result of the pandemic or any other disaster. It is all self-inflicted. They are all the result of progressive ideologies that make little to no sense. COVID isn’t causing hard-left district attorneys’ refusal to charge thousands of hardened criminals. COVID isn’t causing police to be afraid to do their jobs, for fear of prosecution or defunding, thus allowing criminals to freely prey on our cities and towns. COVID isn’t causing the government to print trillions of dollars that clearly fuel inflation. COVID isn’t teaching us that “good racism” is needed to offset “bad racism.” COVID is not causing us to attack our ancestors for our own incompetencies.

Institutions that we once admired such as the FBI, the Department of Justice, the National Institute of Health, and the Center for Disease Control have become politically weaponized and are no longer instruments of public service. The same is true of our military with announcements of “woeness” by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice now refer to parents who question teaching practices as “domestic terrorist” and subject to prosecution.

Most frustrating of all, we now have a president who is of questionable cognitive ability and who believes his chaos is working.

This is all self-inflicted madness not unlike that seen before the fall of Rome and the ultimate collapse of Venezuela. The only question that remains is: “Where will all of this lead too?”

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