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A Dying Democracy

ByCharles E. Brown

Aug 28, 2022
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This is the first of what will be a series of essays about our imperiled Democracy.

The most superficial perusal of the news, whether it is print or broadcast, will reveal a frightening fact: the level of ignorance is high and growing rapidly.

Each day on social media I am bombarded by memes that reveal the level of ignorance by the person posting it as well as the many that agree and “like” with what it inaccurately states.

There is a quote that is questionably attributed to Thomas Jefferson. Whether its attribution is accurate or not, the quote is a good one:

An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people

Yet we have a country where the citizenry falls far below that requisite and lets government run roughshod over them and the laws that once bound this nation and its people together.

Nature abhors a vacuum and ignorance is that vacuum that government is now filling. We now have a government that feels that people are just too clueless to decide for themselves. The term from Hillary Clinton, “Basket of deplorables and irredeemables”, sums up how all of government now treats the people. As a result, government has to educate these “idiots” using social media, the arts, entertainment, academia, professional sports, Hollywood, Wall Street, and corporations. If you don’t agree with what government teaches you must be an ignoramus or buffoon.

But there are potential blocks to this government plan:

The Supreme Court MUST be discredited and made to look illegitimate for daring to restrict government to constitutional standards. If the Supreme Court decides that abortion is a constitutionally states issue we will set up abortion mills in National Parks where the Supreme Court cannot reign over sanctuary federal property.

We have a populace that doesn’t seem all that bothered being threatened by mobs who feel they can intimidate judges to make the “right decisions” by threatening their homes and families. Justices can no longer have a quiet dinner in a favored restaurant without enraged mobs harassing them. We even have a U.S. Senator rallying the crowd by saying that they justices will soon “reap a whirlwind” and will “have no idea what would hit them.” Of course we have laws prohibiting such intimidation but, who cares about the law.

But, one solution is to “pack the court” with enlightened judges to offset the wrong decisions by these uneducated fools who have no business being on the court.

To help control the citizenry we are now turning the FBI into the enforcement arm of a police state akin to the KGB or the Stasi. We see the FBI raid homes of public figures and journalists in predawn hours and march them out in their underwear before a notified press. We have seen SWAT raids against allies of a former president and, recently, a raid on an ex-president’s home. Even the president’s lawyer had a surprise seizure of files in his office. Recently, a sexagenarian presidential advisor was put into leg irons and put out in front of a tipped-off CNN and Washington Post.

Of course all of this was going on while our southern border is swarming in child trafficking, drug cartels and potential terrorists. God forbid you are a parent expressing concerns at a local school board meeting questioning loudmouth progressives. You now pose a danger to progressive teacher unions and woke ideas and are deemed a terrorist.

Of course, they are now trying to retrieve the first daughter’s lurid lost diary that, according to an entry, is replete with confessions of showering underage with the president. All this while suppressing stories that incriminate the president located on his crack-addicted son’s laptop.

We have an FBI director that seems to have extensive memory loss when testifying before Congress. He has no memory of leaking phony dossiers to the media, naming the entire operation to discredit the former president and setting entrapment ambushes to prove the former president’s so-called “Russian collusion.”

To Be Continued…

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3 thoughts on “A Dying Democracy”
  1. Well said. The assault on Trump’s private residence, to me, says it all. We are in big trouble.

  2. With admiration for your astute, concise commentary, I’m yet heartbroken for the state of our Republic. God help us.

  3. Sad but true… the plan is long term & it begins with not teaching the next generation about how the foundation of our government protects the individual rights each of us are born with…

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