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President’s Meandering Presidency

ByCharles E. Brown

Sep 7, 2022
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This may come as a shock to many, but constitutionally the President of the United States is not a very high-profile job. In a constitutionally controlled government Congress meets for a few weeks each year to vote and decide on the nation’s business and the president handles the day-to-day administration of government. However, over the years, the job has become the heart and soul of the nation and incredibly high profile.

While listening to a replay of President Biden’s Independence Hall speech I had to ask myself a simple question: “What is the purpose of his presidency?”

All I ever hear is whatever the progressive cause de jour is, and how 75-million Americans, nearly half of the American electorate, are now a fascist enemy.

Oh wait!

That was Thursday.

On Friday they weren’t the enemy. But on Saturday they were again. It seems to change from day to day.

Here we are, eighteen months into his presidency, and you have to ask what Biden’s purpose is. Last week’s major speech didn’t address inflation, our national debt, the future of energy, etc. All we got was how much he disliked MAGA Republicans.

He proudly announces that “gas prices are lower.” Yet what he fails to mention is that those lower-prices are still nearly doubled from when he took office. But then he states that any problems we have is somebody else’s fault. He claims that “we have a crisis” but never defines what that crisis is. However, this unnamed crisis is the fault of Trump and MAGA Republicans, or maybe pro-lifers, or Wall Street, or the greedy oil companies. He just hasn’t decided who yet.

It seems like his whole presidential theme is that “he isn’t Donald Trump”. But is not being Donald Trump a presidential goal or theme? Or is it just a way to pass blame for your own short-comings?

He claimed to be a “uniter.” But how does announcing 75-million Americans are the enemy make you a “uniter.” He claimed to be a “moderate” while pushing every progressive agenda no matter how ill-thought-out. His senate career history shows him to be a weak partisan who rarely had command of the facts and who often lied his way through situations.

As one editorialist put it:

“Joe Biden is not a useful or admirable person today. And he won’t be tomorrow, or the next day, or any of the chaotic days after that.

There seems to be a canyon between what what Joe Biden sees and reality. He sees 0% inflation while nearly all economists and consumers see the highest inflation in decades. All one needs to do is go to the local grocery store to see through that. He sees lower gas prices while they are only slightly lower than historical highs a few months ago. With each passing day, the dichotomy becomes more obvious.

What we are ultimately left with is a rudderless America with a President at the helm that will not and cannot carry out his minimal constitutional duties of the day-to-day administration of the government. Unfortunately, sooner than later, that rudderless ship will hit rocks and run aground. When that happens the only question that will remain will be how to save ourselves. History has shown that scenes like that are not very pretty.

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  1. It seems that the purpose of Biden & his Administration is to demonstrate that our system of government doesn’t work and we must change the structure of our government πŸ™„ Their solution will be…surprise! Give government more power πŸ˜†πŸ˜”

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