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The Left’s True Colors

ByCharles E. Brown

Oct 3, 2022
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Let’s begin with some straightforward questions:

If you are living in urban Chicago, what will you fear more? Young black males? Or Maga-hat-wearing Republicans? How many Maga-hat-wearing Republicans are attacking Asians and Jews in New York City? But to listen to our president, during his Phantom of the Opera speech, Maga-hat-wearing Republicans were the most significant threat in this country.

Does anyone honestly think that the liberal elites of Martha’s Vineyard give a darn about southern border communities decimated by tens of thousands of illegal immigrants bringing crime, drugs, and demands for school and social services? When faced with just a small group of these illegal migrants, they signaled for a couple of hours and ensured they were shipped off out of sight and out of mind.

Did a pro-open border Obama offer the use of his Martha Vineyard mansion, or any of his 8 luxury homes, to temporarily house these people? The same Obama that escaped from the crime of urban Chicago brought about because of his supported ideology. Instead, we hear the Left ridiculously comparing the shipping of illegal migrants to Blue States to the horrors of Nazi Germany. Yet, the Biden administration shipping migrants to Red States barely gets a mention.

We hear the likes of Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Kayne cry about how they were victimized by “white privilege” while living lives in luxury that most whites couldn’t comprehend.

At some point, probably sooner than later, Americans will question the exploitive systemic racist industry. How does Michelle Obama talking about victimhood from one of her mansions in Martha’s Vineyard, Washington D.C., or Hawaii fix the Saturday night murders in Chicago?

Mayors, governors, senators, and congressmen, as well as CNN and MSNBC hosts, who preach racial hatred ad nauseam are factually giving the go-ahead for violence with impunity. People are getting tired of NBA stars, multibillion-dollar talk show hosts, and ex-first ladies given an exemption from racism and portraying themselves as marginalized people incapable of racism. Yet, in them we are seeing the definition of racial bias and hatred.

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2 thoughts on “The Left’s True Colors”
    1. Well said! The hypocrisy of the Left is mind-blowing, and the national spotlight is nowhere to be found. The Right has silenced its voice, except for a few.

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