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  • The Left’s True Colors

    Let’s begin with some straightforward questions:

    If you are living in urban Chicago, what will you fear more? Young black males? Or Maga-hat-wearing Republicans? How many Maga-hat-wearing Republicans are attacking Asians and Jews in New York City? But to listen to our president, during his Phantom of the Opera speech, Maga-hat-wearing Republicans were the most significant threat in this country.

    Does anyone honestly think that the liberal elites of Martha’s Vineyard give a darn about southern border communities decimated by tens of thousands of illegal immigrants bringing crime, drugs, and demands for school and social services? When faced with just a small group of these illegal migrants, they signaled for a couple of hours and ensured they were shipped off out of sight and out of mind.

    Did a pro-open border Obama offer the use of his Martha Vineyard mansion, or any of his 8 luxury homes, to temporarily house these people? The same Obama that escaped from the crime of urban Chicago brought about because of his supported ideology. Instead, we hear the Left ridiculously comparing the shipping of illegal migrants to Blue States to the horrors of Nazi Germany. Yet, the Biden administration shipping migrants to Red States barely gets a mention.

    We hear the likes of Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Kayne cry about how they were victimized by “white privilege” while living lives in luxury that most whites couldn’t comprehend.

    At some point, probably sooner than later, Americans will question the exploitive systemic racist industry. How does Michelle Obama talking about victimhood from one of her mansions in Martha’s Vineyard, Washington D.C., or Hawaii fix the Saturday night murders in Chicago?

    Mayors, governors, senators, and congressmen, as well as CNN and MSNBC hosts, who preach racial hatred ad nauseam are factually giving the go-ahead for violence with impunity. People are getting tired of NBA stars, multibillion-dollar talk show hosts, and ex-first ladies given an exemption from racism and portraying themselves as marginalized people incapable of racism. Yet, in them we are seeing the definition of racial bias and hatred.

    More in my next post…

  • America In Disarray

    On January 11, 1989, then-President Ronald Reagan gave his famous “Shining City On The Hill” speech. In this speech, he said:

    The eyes of all people are upon us. So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world.”

    The eyes of all people are still upon us, but what are they seeing now?

    They are seeing a country increasingly unable to resist enemies like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The debacle in Afghanistan sent the message that America is becoming incompetent and self-loathing.

    What is now seen is an America that can no longer secure its borders. A country where bulwarks like the FBI and CIA are looking more like the old Stasi. A country where race takes priority over merit. A country that is preaching that there are three or more sexes and biological men can get pregnant. A country where men with men genitalia can compete against women in women’s sports; that race is determined not by genetics but by self-identification; and where half of America hates American customs, history, and the other 50 percent of Americans.

    Our universities look like old Soviet-style camps where free expression and research are forbidden.

    Our military leadership admits that Russian hypersonic missiles are superior and that China could easily sink the Pacific fleet. We are allowing a nuclear Iran, and all expect something from North Korea soon. Yet, the only response from those same military leaders is a discussion on how to make our military more woke.

    Our media now preaches Stalinist-like orthodoxy that we are nothing more than a society of oppressors and oppressed. Personal behavior and conduct are no longer a cause for inequality. In its place, we have a Marxist-style binary country of the noble oppressed and the demonic oppressors, and the government’s only job should be to redistribute money, power, and influence. To achieve this, the government must oversee science, culture, history, literature, the arts, universities, corporate board rooms, big tech, and Wall Street. It is now far preferable to be poorer.

    We have a media where it is the rule that whites are toxic and violent crime by black perpetrators of violent crimes against other blacks or Asians barely get passing mention. Somehow, a young white blue-collar male worker is responsible for the sins of 150 years ago.

    We are no longer a country that can build a Navy in three years, a skyscraper in a year, or engineering marvels in short order. We now condemn the individualist and the outspoken. A new inquisition roots them out and destroys them. Social media now fuels cancel culture and censors. Punishment is administered in a nanosecond. If a Covington High School kid comes face-to-face with a pathological liar and phony activist, the former is judged and convicted in seconds for no other reason than they had a MAGA hat on. The heck with facts, context, or the truth.

    Jussie Smollett spins a preposterous lie about being attacked by white demons with MAGA hats, and he immediately receives the sympathy of all despite the obvious holes in his story.

    The FBI shows up at Mar-a-Lago and within hours you have former CIA officials comparing Trump to the Rosenbergs and suggesting that the death penalty should be considered. In today’s social media world you have instant character assassination by anonymous cowards.

    Throughout all this, we have become a nation where growing weaker, poorer, and more ridiculous is perfectly acceptable. Yet, in the end we are a country where our city’s sidewalks are covered with urine and feces, healthy male athletes brag about breaking women’s records, Saturday night in Chicago could get you murdered, a trip to the gas pump could cost you a fortune, getting normal goods at the supermarket gets harder, and states like California running out of electricity.

    Do you wonder why the world worries?

  • President’s Meandering Presidency

    This may come as a shock to many, but constitutionally the President of the United States is not a very high-profile job. In a constitutionally controlled government Congress meets for a few weeks each year to vote and decide on the nation’s business and the president handles the day-to-day administration of government. However, over the years, the job has become the heart and soul of the nation and incredibly high profile.

    While listening to a replay of President Biden’s Independence Hall speech I had to ask myself a simple question: “What is the purpose of his presidency?”

    All I ever hear is whatever the progressive cause de jour is, and how 75-million Americans, nearly half of the American electorate, are now a fascist enemy.

    Oh wait!

    That was Thursday.

    On Friday they weren’t the enemy. But on Saturday they were again. It seems to change from day to day.

    Here we are, eighteen months into his presidency, and you have to ask what Biden’s purpose is. Last week’s major speech didn’t address inflation, our national debt, the future of energy, etc. All we got was how much he disliked MAGA Republicans.

    He proudly announces that “gas prices are lower.” Yet what he fails to mention is that those lower-prices are still nearly doubled from when he took office. But then he states that any problems we have is somebody else’s fault. He claims that “we have a crisis” but never defines what that crisis is. However, this unnamed crisis is the fault of Trump and MAGA Republicans, or maybe pro-lifers, or Wall Street, or the greedy oil companies. He just hasn’t decided who yet.

    It seems like his whole presidential theme is that “he isn’t Donald Trump”. But is not being Donald Trump a presidential goal or theme? Or is it just a way to pass blame for your own short-comings?

    He claimed to be a “uniter.” But how does announcing 75-million Americans are the enemy make you a “uniter.” He claimed to be a “moderate” while pushing every progressive agenda no matter how ill-thought-out. His senate career history shows him to be a weak partisan who rarely had command of the facts and who often lied his way through situations.

    As one editorialist put it:

    “Joe Biden is not a useful or admirable person today. And he won’t be tomorrow, or the next day, or any of the chaotic days after that.

    There seems to be a canyon between what what Joe Biden sees and reality. He sees 0% inflation while nearly all economists and consumers see the highest inflation in decades. All one needs to do is go to the local grocery store to see through that. He sees lower gas prices while they are only slightly lower than historical highs a few months ago. With each passing day, the dichotomy becomes more obvious.

    What we are ultimately left with is a rudderless America with a President at the helm that will not and cannot carry out his minimal constitutional duties of the day-to-day administration of the government. Unfortunately, sooner than later, that rudderless ship will hit rocks and run aground. When that happens the only question that will remain will be how to save ourselves. History has shown that scenes like that are not very pretty.

  • A Dying Democracy – Part 2

    More Ways Our Democracy Is Dying

    In my last essay I discussed how doing things like a president preaching division, delegitimizing the Supreme Court, and politicizing the FBI is destroying our democracy. In this essay, I will continue that discussion.

    We just came out of a nearly 3-year so-called pandemic where many businesses were forced to close for nearly 2-years with many not surviving the shutdown, school children not allowed actual classroom instruction, people forced to wear suffocating facial masks that were proven to be ineffective, and American citizens all but forced to take multiple doses of a vaccine that has proven to be minimally effective. Failure to submit to getting the vaccine resulted people losing jobs and being denied publicly available services. All of this was dictated by a government official who would frequently contradict his own misinformation. In short, we saw a government that eroded our democracy by acting far outside of the scope of the U.S. Constitution.

    Despite encumbering a majority of our population with financial and psychological hardships under the guise of a so-called emergency, we saw a government fail in its constitutional duty to protect our borders. A chaotic and porous southern border rendered immigration laws meaningless with millions of illegal aliens pouring into the country…all without the same COVID testing, masking, and vaccination requirements that were required of legal American citizens. Anyone who found fault with this situation was immediately branded as “racist”, and those who had the difficult job of trying to maintain some semblance of order at the border were demonized and, in some cases, prosecuted.

    In the meantime, law-abiding Eastern European, Cuban, Taiwanese, and Venezuelan immigrants were being turned away or made to go through expensive and difficult peregrinations to gain legal citizenship.

    Back in Washington DC an increasingly dictatorial Speaker of the House felt free to tear up a president’s State of the Union address on national television. We have a Congress that feels free to subpoena, arrest, and indict any opposition with the flimsiest of charges while depicting any opposition as Nazi-like, racist, bigoted, and looking to destroy the country. That same house unsuccessfully looked to impeach an opposition president. When that failed, they looked to impeach him again, and when that second attempt failed, even tried to impeach him AFTER he was out of office.

    We now have a federal government that is trying, unconstitutionally, to take voting laws out of the constitutional control of the individual states so that the federal government can manipulate those laws to their advantage. The safety net of the Electoral College is now being deemed undemocratic and racist so that the leftist wall of California, Illinois, and New York will always prevail.

    Nationalizing election laws will bring to an end any state requirements to show a valid ID and will allow the federal government to decide who can and cannot vote. Forget the validation of mail-in ballots against registration lists, accurate addresses, and signature verification. Those are now deemed as racist. It won’t matter anyhow because California, Illinois, and New York will always decide the outcome of an election. The other 65% might just as well stay home.

    Just as the Left wants to pack the courts, the talk now is to pack Congress. Why restrict the Senate to only 2 senators from each state? Why not 4 or more if they are progressive thinking?

    Destroying the democracy will not happen in a sudden revolution. It IS happening in small steps. Those who now want government to return to the standards of the U.S. Constitution, to maintain our founding principles, and to show an equal application of law are suddenly being called “semi-Fascists” by non-other than the President of the United States. In a bizarro and upside-down world of leftist thinking a desire to adhere to the law is suddenly against the law.

    The only hope for the future is for individuals to spread the word of the dangers and, most importantly, be careful of who you are voting for. It will only be a grass-roots movement that will save this nation.

    I just hope it isn’t too late.

  • A Dying Democracy

    This is the first of what will be a series of essays about our imperiled Democracy.

    The most superficial perusal of the news, whether it is print or broadcast, will reveal a frightening fact: the level of ignorance is high and growing rapidly.

    Each day on social media I am bombarded by memes that reveal the level of ignorance by the person posting it as well as the many that agree and “like” with what it inaccurately states.

    There is a quote that is questionably attributed to Thomas Jefferson. Whether its attribution is accurate or not, the quote is a good one:

    An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people

    Yet we have a country where the citizenry falls far below that requisite and lets government run roughshod over them and the laws that once bound this nation and its people together.

    Nature abhors a vacuum and ignorance is that vacuum that government is now filling. We now have a government that feels that people are just too clueless to decide for themselves. The term from Hillary Clinton, “Basket of deplorables and irredeemables”, sums up how all of government now treats the people. As a result, government has to educate these “idiots” using social media, the arts, entertainment, academia, professional sports, Hollywood, Wall Street, and corporations. If you don’t agree with what government teaches you must be an ignoramus or buffoon.

    But there are potential blocks to this government plan:

    The Supreme Court MUST be discredited and made to look illegitimate for daring to restrict government to constitutional standards. If the Supreme Court decides that abortion is a constitutionally states issue we will set up abortion mills in National Parks where the Supreme Court cannot reign over sanctuary federal property.

    We have a populace that doesn’t seem all that bothered being threatened by mobs who feel they can intimidate judges to make the “right decisions” by threatening their homes and families. Justices can no longer have a quiet dinner in a favored restaurant without enraged mobs harassing them. We even have a U.S. Senator rallying the crowd by saying that they justices will soon “reap a whirlwind” and will “have no idea what would hit them.” Of course we have laws prohibiting such intimidation but, who cares about the law.

    But, one solution is to “pack the court” with enlightened judges to offset the wrong decisions by these uneducated fools who have no business being on the court.

    To help control the citizenry we are now turning the FBI into the enforcement arm of a police state akin to the KGB or the Stasi. We see the FBI raid homes of public figures and journalists in predawn hours and march them out in their underwear before a notified press. We have seen SWAT raids against allies of a former president and, recently, a raid on an ex-president’s home. Even the president’s lawyer had a surprise seizure of files in his office. Recently, a sexagenarian presidential advisor was put into leg irons and put out in front of a tipped-off CNN and Washington Post.

    Of course all of this was going on while our southern border is swarming in child trafficking, drug cartels and potential terrorists. God forbid you are a parent expressing concerns at a local school board meeting questioning loudmouth progressives. You now pose a danger to progressive teacher unions and woke ideas and are deemed a terrorist.

    Of course, they are now trying to retrieve the first daughter’s lurid lost diary that, according to an entry, is replete with confessions of showering underage with the president. All this while suppressing stories that incriminate the president located on his crack-addicted son’s laptop.

    We have an FBI director that seems to have extensive memory loss when testifying before Congress. He has no memory of leaking phony dossiers to the media, naming the entire operation to discredit the former president and setting entrapment ambushes to prove the former president’s so-called “Russian collusion.”

    To Be Continued…

  1. Too late. We’re witnessing the collapse of our civilization, in real time. It’s too late to stop it.

  2. Well said! The hypocrisy of the Left is mind-blowing, and the national spotlight is nowhere to be found. The Right…

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  1. I have recently become aware of an unusual theory by a VERY far right-wing group calling themselves “QAnon”, who believe that the United States is being controlled by a cabal of Satan worshipping pedophile sex trafficking cannibals intent on destroying President Trump because he is fighting them. This group appears to have conned the term “deep state” when referring to this “cabal”. The QAnon movement has been significantly amplified by Russian trolls and others, as well as numerous other conservative voices.

    I was aware of the term QAnon, but never thought much about it until researching what happened in the 2020 elections. In attempting to find evidence for voter fraud (which I believe did happen), the term QAnon kept coming up again and again. Upon researching this group, I am both appalled at what I’m finding out and I now believe I am correctly analyzing the current situation and have what I think is a better grasp of what is TRULY going on in the country right now. The QAnon theory has absolutely zero credibility, evidence, or even reason for being. It has been very thoroughly discredited and debunked.

    That said, I have now looked into the actions of QAnon over the past 24 months, and based on their patterns and actions I now believe that QAnon as a collective movement is largely responsible for the unrest in this country recently, including the storming of the US Capital building as well as the unrest following the accidental death of George Floyd this spring. While other groups such as AntiFa and Black Lives Matter are certainly dangerous and need to be eliminated as domestic terror organizations, the most immediate danger right now is QAnon. I find it even possible that they may have infiltrated and/or posed as AntiFa and BLM agitators in an attempt to destabilize the country in their attempts to bring down this false “cabal” of criminals supposedly running the United States.

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